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Moechii of the Ruairi Server. #1 Archer married to the #1 Lancer Laree. (^_^)v I am also Ruairi Royalty. Don't be afraid to say hi to me in game I'm super friendly and love meeting new people. :>
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i’m really curious about harry potter being set in the 90s cuz was there muggleborns who brought everything in a pokemon suitcase? or muggleborns who enchanted their gameboys to play? first years wearing sailor moon costumes? backstreet boys blasting in the ravenclaw common room?


the best line in all of naruto 


the best line in all of naruto 



A few rule 63 Hiccup and Astrid, just because

and a special thanks to my friend luciand29 who gave me a great deal of help with those, and who I had the chance to know better as a person and artist :)

Dear God. I did not know I needed this.

One of the reasons I like Astrid and Hiccup is because they reverse a few stereotypes. But this is beautiful.


How I spent my time at Pompeii today